About TNR... By practicing TNR, whole communities as well as feral cats benefit in many ways. Once spayed and neutered, these cats no longer perform many of the know nuisance behaviors such as fighting, mating, howling, spraying to mark territory and of course birthing kittens. Thru continued TNR assistance and  support, the ever increasing cat population will be greatly reduced, resulting in lower cost for responsible caretakers. Also by gaining some control of the feral/free roaming cat population, there will be a reduction of unwanted cats and kittens being placed in already overcrowded Shelters and Rescue facilities. By minimizing these intake numbers, euthanasia rates automatically decrease and shelter expenditures are reduced, which in turn means less wastage of tax payers dollars.

These are just a few of the many ways that TNR can and will benefit feral/free roaming cats and also the community that they live in.