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 T N R ?



The differences that TNR makes to improve the lives of numerous cats and to the local communities, are only possible because of your generosity.

Please support our TNR efforts by volunteering some of your time and/or with a monetary donation.

Get involved, become part of the solution....TNR works!!

Feral cats, also called community or free roaming cats, are offspring of stray or abandoned housecats that were not spayed or neutered before being released outside. These cats are usually afraid of humans and are not socialized, making it difficult for them to be adopted. Generally, these cats gather in groups, known as colonies, and live in areas where food and shelter is available.

The Ear Tip says it all...

Trap, Neuter and RETURN....

The BEST thing for our Feral/Free Roaming cats!

How can

 you help?

Trap, Neuter and RETURN  is the most effective and humane method of controlling the feral/free roaming cat population in any community.

In the TNR process, feral/free-roaming cats are humanely trapped, spayed/neutered, vaccinated against rabies and eartipped for identification. The cats are then RETURNED to their ORIGINAL LOCATION where they continue to live healthier lives and can no longer add to the overpopulation problem.

Responsible caretakers provide food, water and ongoing care for these cats in an established colony environment.



We are very pleased to have been awarded a Petco Foundation grant in 2019 for $2500. This grant will allow us to provide TNR services to even more feral and community cats in our area. Thank you so much Petco Foundation for making such a big difference to our work!!

What are Feral Cats?

We are extremely pleased to be one of 30 Organizations to receive a Florida Animal Friend grant for 2021. Please purchase a plate and Help "Fix" Florida's pet population.

....Thru TNR of course!!

Our Meowvelous caretaker is more than just a feeder and wanted to do what was best for us and our neighborhood. We were Trapped, Spayed/Neutered, Eartipped and then Returned back to our original location where we are cared for, fed and loved....   all while still living outside!              

 Life is PAWSitively PURRfect when you    have a caretaker and not just a feeder!!

Get Involved....Become Part Of The Solution...TNR Works!!    

           Our Life just got alot better!

Ask ME-OW...


Find out how you can become more than just a feeder and help your outside kitties too!